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Hello, and welcome to the Z-corp fic journal. Since lj doesn't always see fit to let me have my comments, this is a shiny new posting place to request entry. Just respond with a hi or a squeak or whatever, and when I cruise by, I'll add you. I'm pretty easy like that. If you don't have an lj, that's easily remedied too--you can create one here.

This beast is a work in progress (still.) and is written in a purely chaotic fashion. There's high fantasy elements, and contemporary/urban fantasy as well. It contains shiny wingy things, sparkly amoral killer love, near death by tea cup, OCD elves, Dorks of DOOM (and the people that love them), mentions of Motley Crüe, gods gone wild! violence, m/m, arson, murder, gut-wrenching angst, coupled with bouts of such things as fluffy kitten fic, insane fans, and prose that I think lurks suspiciously on the violet end of the spectrum. There is brain-twisting. There is sympathy for the devil. I've also been told that reading this causes interesting dreams. None of this is scientifically proven. None of this is guarenteed. You've been warned.
Your best bet if you want to understand any of what's going on is to hit the index so you can read it in order.

Other fic ljs include [ profile] stone_and_fen (ongoing series) and completed NaNoWriMo novel, Fell in Love With a Girl.

The work contained in this and related journals is © [ profile] klgaffney.
But this universe actually belongs to Markkastanen. If you wander off with Just don't, mkay? That's widely regarded as a bad move, in most circles. besides that, you may very well end up with all of them moving into your head and badgering you all the time--hey, now there's a thought...


Apr. 28th, 2005 02:23 pm
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random z-corp related fic post on my personal lj. d & z's children, aurelio and rhaegan's band three(3)words, set at least a good two decades from now. an mp3 of the song's included. =p

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i did an icon meme a while back on my personal lj, and sorta forgot to drop the pertinant links over here. i'll intergrate them into the index eventually, as well.

1] the killing tea cup of pure frustration: mark & lucian

2] hats in bad places: mark & lucian [pre-tpc arc]

3] carnival evening (zion's dream): zion & davy

4] the snack nazi: zion & davy

5] dragon's sister: zion and mark [directly after tpc arc]

6] drowning: diarmad and brenan [possible future!fic (spoiler alert?)]

and one more last one--from [ profile] cues, gentlemen never fall: young mark & diarmad

this concludes your fic spam post of the day. =D

The Creed.

Mar. 24th, 2003 02:50 pm
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Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

The ultimate responsibility is mine.



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