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welcome to the z-corp index, your best friend and mine. fair warning, some bits might not fit entirely properly--i'm writing this beast entirely out of order, and on occasion, i go back and tweak as more story unfolds. screws fall out. it's an imperfect world.

as always, comments, questions, critiques, pointing out my ever-shifting verb tenses, continuality jumps, etc, are welcome.

PSA Re: The GlamourLust Universe [for any confused G*L comic fans]


:[Big Damn Plot Summary/Spoiler]:


the dungeon (a prologue, of sorts...) a [ profile] beginnings challenge

Chapter: From Yesterday

a'martaen, lucian & the healer [pt 1]

a'martaen, lucian & the healer [pt 2]

lucian and the divis [lucian, scratch]

the willow [diarmad, gwythan]

schism [diarmad, cethir corr, gwythan]

fire, wind and water (ang's mischief) [cethir corr]

Chapter: Welcome to the Universe

first flight [mark, rhaegal, alizarin]

the nemisis [lucian, the divis, diarmad]

the hazards of making friends... [diarmad, gwythan, obelenna]

masks off (midsummer's night) [diarmad, gwythan, obelenna]

a minor display of rebellion [diarmad, gwythan]

the funeral [diarmad, lucian, cerussite]

small comforts [diarmad, gwythan]

Chapter: 93 Million Miles

vaskiltan and the akkataela [mark, rhaegal]

reward system [diarmad, gwythan]

the breakfast [daiv a'drakon]

lessons... [diarmad, gwythan]

dia and gwythan snip

Chapter: R-Evolve

re: morality and statesmanship [diarmad, gwythan]

day after the mourning moon [diarmad, lucian]

gwythan and oblenna

oberon rĂ­ [obelenna, oberon]

diarmad days [diarmad, ass't household]

Chapter: The Fantasy

(<---- drakthae?--->)

gwythan returns [diarmad, gwythan]

every star has a name [diarmad, gwythan]

the trouble with nilp [diarmad, gwythan]

proposal [diarmad, obelenna]

a second proposal [diarmad, gwythan]

Chapter: Echelon

sionnadh martaen a'cuileann [the martaen intro]

off to the meeting [diarmad]

the meeting hall [pt one] [diarmad, the martaen]

the meeting hall [pt 2] [diarmad, the martaen]

crash [diarmad, obel, gwythan, a'martaen]

Chapter: Edge of the Earth

obelenna's angst [obelenna, titania, oberon]

obelenna and the olfridulfr [obelenna, crd shanghai]

a sisterly chat [obelenna, candide]

obel meets pietrov [obel, pi]

Chapter: The End of The Beginning

little dragon lost (mark meets diarmad) and failed hunt

what you are [mark, diarmad]

gentlemen never fall [mark, diarmad]

the clever nilitael [mark, diarmad]

a due voce [mark, diarmad, a singing-master]

imaginary numbers [mark, diarmad]

a strategic retreat [diarmad, obelenna, mark]

ordinary & exalted [diarmad, ang]

first kill? [mark, diarmad]

homesick [mark, diarmad] a [ profile] beginnings challenge

Chapter: The Mission

jaele [jaele, lucian, mark]

losing faith [mark & diarmad]

sartain montage [mark, davy, rhagael]

head of the clan/bloodmoon [pts 1-3] [mark, davy, rhagael]

crossing over [pts 1-3 & afterword] [mark, davy]

making mischief [lucian, cerussite]


lauren hawthorne pt1 [mark, davy, lauren]

lauren hawthorne pt2

making history for fun and profit [lucian] a [ profile] beginnings challenge

Chapter: Buddha For Mary

chaos reigns [mark, chaos, lauren]

bad blood [davy & mark]

the lovebug [davy & mark]

Chapter: Attack

dust : pts1-3 [mark & diarmad. warning: emotional/psycholocial abuse, violence, rape]

hate [mark]

all grown up [lucian, mark]

kali [mark, gabryl, kathy, and, of course, kali.]

repentance[diarmad, elders]

Chapter: A Beautiful Lie

safeword [mark]

mornings [davy]

brother's keeper [davy, mark]

H@RD B01L3D [mark, det. crowley]

the errand [lucian, diarmad]

the dance [mark, lucian]

killing time [lucian, mark]

hats in bad places [mark, lucian]

Chapter: Fallen

sacrifice [lucian/mark] (aka, the altar!sex story)

touched [mark/lucian]

dreams & truth [mark, lucian, diarmad, chaos]

N0 $UCH TH1NG [lucian, adavidarian]

family bonding 1&2 [mark, zion, adavidarian]

waning moon [lucian, mark]

feathers and the art of living well [mark, lucian]

Chapter: The Battle of One

fight [mark, lucian]

research [mark]

bad luck nails [mark, lucian]

res gestae(things done) [mark, lucian] **assorted warnings**

Q and A [mark, lucian]

plan B [lucian, diarmad]

sparklies [davy, mark, zion]

cravings [davy, zion]

crumbling [mark, lucian]

dreams, naming, and the girl without fear [davy and zion]

The Path Chosen 1 & 2

the path chosen [mark, lucian, adavidarian, zion] (this one's longish. practically a mini-novel)

father's day [davy]

the collection [lucian] a [ profile] 15minuteficlets challenge

sweet summer corn [davy & zion]

the path chosen 2

Chapter: Stronger

recovery01 : the healer [gabryl, lucian, mark]

recovery02 : the night after [lucian, mark]

dragon's sister [mark, zion]

recovery03 : for whatever the future may hold [lucian, mark]

cater to the hollow pts1 & 2 [diarmad, lucian, mark]

fire [lucian, mark ]

mark's proposal [mark, lucian]

Chapter: The Modern Myth

birdie [davy, zion, leo, a rag doll]

the killing tea cup [mark, lucian]

water spiders [sartain twins, lucian, zion, the basadae bros]

staples [mark, lucian]

bad reality day [mark, lucian]

i don't want to be a hair, i want to be a dragon! [sartain twins, zion, jordon adam] (random snip based on [ profile] tsuki_no_bara's icon.)

gunplay [mark & lucian] (gun!kink)

all expectations [mark & lucian]

otp writing challenge #1 [mark & lucian]

feline diplomacy [mark & lucian (otp #2)]

merry chaosmas [mark & lucian]

world's collapse [v. 01] [zion, diarmad, rhaegan, davy, lucian, asst sgathan]

More Z-corp (not sure where it fits yet, if anywhere.)

the first empire's army survival guide (re: drakthae)

15 minute ficlet. hunting. [mark, lucian]

bedtime story [lucian, mark] a [ profile] beginnings challenge

songfic [lucian, mark]

zion's dream [zion]]

the snack nazi [davy and zion]

zion's dance [zion, davy]

the rule about art is--if you want to snag something for an icon or desktop, fine. but personal use only, folks, okay? thanks.

markkas as "cupidon" by adolphe-william bougereau

ahura xerxes(lufian/lucian)
pose taken from "le ravissement de psyche" by bougereau

adavidarian (color sketch)

markkastanen si rhagael sartain

lucian sketch

photo manip : young mark

photo manip : young adavidarian

random sketches feat: dom!mark and teen!davy

lucian: bad touch day

adavidarian and zion: hi fashion

fairly odd faeries


the anti-OTP with sunglasses (sketch)

diarmad a'drakon (photomanip)

Same 'Verse, Different Story...

[ profile] stone_and_fen the adventures of an elven pint-sized punk prince and his wolfy guardian.

[ profile] nanomeme : 2003 NaNoWriMo novel [davy, zion, mark, stone, fen]

the 'taurs: a rather fluffy tale of a trio of centaurs in nyc. [warning: m/m centaur explicitness.]


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